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South American Content Pack


Deep within South America, the locals discovered a new element remarkably simliar in apperance to the illustrious Australium. They call it: Brazilium.

This discovery now has researchers and various criminal syndicates scrambling over a large bounty set by CEO of Mann Co, Saxton Hale.

Local governments have begun outlawing any and all mining operations. It's up to the mercenaries to get past this minor inconvenience and cross borders to claim this new prize!


Brazilium Bar

Newly Discovered Element crowd oohs and ahhs

Control Point Gizmo

Gadget that surrounds the Control Point
4 skins!

Duffle Bag Flag

Just a normal duffle bag with nothing in it. Move along.

Refrigerator Resupply

I love refrigerators!
5 skins!

Popcorn Resupply

Let's all go to the lobby! To get ourselves a treat!
2 skins!

Craps Table

Please not snake eyes, please not snake eyes...

Poker Table

Something about a river and a flop.

Roulette Table

All in on RED!

Slot Machine

Just one more...
8 skins!


Aye! Snake eyes!
4 skins!

Poker Chips

Salsa not included.
6 skins!

Rojo's Casino Sign

A giant casino sign.


The fanciest kind of lighting.

Robot Butler

May I take your hat, sir?
2 skins!
2 variants!

Front Desk Bell


Curved Stairs

The best clipped stairs in all of Source Engine!
4 variants!

Money Stack

Untraceable, unmarked, unpaintable.

Money Palette

Wow thats a lot of dinero!

Gas Pump

Filled with 100 percent petrol.
2 skins!

Gas Station Sign

Get your gas here!

Emergency Cigar

Peace of mind for when tragedy strikes!

Cigar Box

A box of premium tabacco products!

Cigar Table

Perfect for gatherings of gentlemen.

Money Counter

Money machine go brrrrrrrr!
6 skins!

Capitol Builing

Important place for important people. Probably.

Big Mountain

Perfect location for your next evil scheme.

Big Monitors

Can you make it bigger, I can't see!
4 skins!


Somewhere beyond the sea...
2 skins!

Modular Sofa

Where is that damn remote controller!
3 skins!

Modular Sofa 45deg

Another sofa joke.
3 skins!

Modular Sofa 90deg

And another sofa joke.
3 skins!

Plastic Chair

Breaks easily.
3 skins!

Plastic Table

Also breaks easily.
3 skins!

Tall Chair

For all your sitting purposes.

Desk Lamp

Good for late-night scheming.

Round Light

Ever needed to light things in a circular way? Well now you can!
3 variants!

Art Deco Wall Light

Very theatric.
2 variants!

Wall Lamp

Got any lämps?

Wooden Doors

A door for each day of the month!
6 skins!
5 variants!

Window 1

See the views around you!
2 skins!

Window 2

See even more views around you!
6 skins!

Window 3

Not baseball proof!
6 skins!

Wooden Door 2

Electric Boogaloo!
6 skins!

Wooden Door 2 Frame

Frames your door.
6 skins!

Red Sign

Yep, I read it.

Hotel Sign

Enjoy your stay!

Golf Cart

6 skins!

Fancy Golf Cart

How do you drive this thing?
6 skins!


Treading new grounds!
3 skins!

Beetle Car

It's a beetle, not a bumblebee!
3 skins!

Brazilum Truck

Makes frequent stops. Stay 100 meters back.


The best way to smuggle goods across the border.

Narrow Gauge Train

Pull little cars in little tracks.
5 skins

Big Boat

Starboard is right because stars come out at night.

Armored Truck

Amazing this still drives with all that steel welded to it.

Favela #1

Features a balcony great for aquanting your enemies with gravity.
4 skins!

Favela #2

Features the finest in roof techology to prevent you from getting wet!
4 skins!

Favela #3

Lights on but nobody is home.
4 skins!

Favela #4

The most basic unit on the market.
4 skins!

Favela #5

2 stories for large families or starting your crime network.
4 skins!

Favela #6

2 stories and a balcony! How fancy!
4 skins!

Favela #7

You probably could put a lot of stuff under that roof.
4 skins!

Favela #8

An even more basic unit than the other one we said was basic.
4 skins!

Mann Statue

Remember the Alamo!

Marble Pillar

Support the ceiling of your secret lair with style!
2 variants!

Hopps Beer Bottle

I'll have another!
2 skins!

Coastal Bollard

Do not attempt jumping over this!

Coastal Bollard Chain

It's metal!

Coastal Bollard Rope

It's rope!

Water Tank

Caution: Contains water.
2 skins!

The Moon!

Don't look at it if you're a werewolf.

Clothes Drying

Doing it the old fashioned way.
4 variants!

Plastic Container #1

A plastic tub for all your evil storage needs!
5 skins!

Plastic Container #2

A plastic tub for all your evil storage needs; but with a different shape!
5 skins!

Plastic Container #3

A plastic tub for all your evil storage needs; but with a different-er shape!
5 skins!

Cigar Crate #1

Illegal in the continental 48...

Cigar Crate #2

Filled with cigars, or is it?

Araucaria Tree Male

This is a weird looking tree.
3 skins!

Araucaria Tree Female

This is also a weird looking tree.
3 skins!











Overlays / Posters


Asset Zoo!

In THIS VMF file you will find all available custom TC assets and their creator's names next to them on the ground
Every asset has an orange outline separated by each contributor for easy identification and propper crediting

... And more coming soon!